Our Heritage


Parque La Libertad - CETAV

The Parque La Libertad is a project of human security and social inclusion which aims to improve the quality of life of surrounding communities through its economic, social and environmental development.

This project will work through four lines of action: environmental, urban recreational activities, MSMEs and artistic.

Within the artistic axis, it is the Center of Technology and Visual Arts (CETAV).

The CETAV, is a technical training school that seeks to promote human development and training of young people through the specialization of three areas:

  • - Editing and Post Production Digital Image and Sound.
  • - Web Design and Development.
  • - Animation Digital 3D (third dimension).


  • 3D animation coordinator: Luis Fernando Castro.
  • Web Design and Development Coordinator: José Leiva.
  • Web Design and Development Coordinator: Alberto Rojas.
  • Post Production Coordinator: Leonardo Fallas.
  • CETAV Director: Laura Pacheco Oreamuno.
  • Academic Coordination: Kimberly Picado.

3D Animation:

  • Mariana Carro Alfaro.
  • Jason Herrera Salas.
  • Jorge Devandas Mata.
  • Rosaura Láscarez Villarreal.
  • Marcel Masis Aguilar.
  • José Andrés Méndez Segura.
  • Carlos Román Montero Barboza.
  • Orlando Villalobos Mora.

Web Design and Development:

  • Lanford Gabriel Murillo.
  • Tatiana Bonilla Bermúdez.
  • Ricardo Delgado Tenorio.
  • Josué Solís Solano.
  • Antony Romero Bonilla.
  • Alexis Pizarro Alpizar.
  • Carlos Ramírez Ríos.
  • Kenia Montano Granados.
  • Diego Artavia Chacón.
  • Carolina Loaiza Ramírez.

Editing and Post Production Digital Image and Sound:

  • Guadalupe Apú.

Fair Play Labs

Fair Play Labs is a Costa Rican videogame development studio with over 10 years of experience. We have directed the development of the game's prototype, as well as integrated and polished all art assets made by CETAV.


Production & Game Design

  • Executive Producer: Claudio Pinto
  • Art Direction and Production: Felipe Cartin
  • Game Design Lead: Virgilio Solis
  • Production: Christian Sanchez
  • Lead Developer: Emilio Monge

Prototype Development

  • Game Developer: Paul Fernandez
  • Game Developer: Jairo Alfaro
  • Concept Artist and 3D Artist: Carlos Morales
  • Concept Artist and 3D Artist: Luis Zúñiga
  • Concept Artist and UI Artist: Alexander Sanabria
  • Concept Artist: Minor Maitland

Key Contributors

Olivier Lejade

Videogame creator, Olivier Lejade founded in 2002 the Paris based independent studio “Mekensleep”.

In 2008 their game “Soul Bubbles” was acclaimed by international critics and earned several important awards. In 2012, his action geolocalized game “Meatspace Invasion” won the EIGD innovation award, as well as the “Best Real World Game” of the IMGA awards.

Matthias Löwe

Works in the game design research area of Playful Interaction Labs, and has co-published research like “Co-Designing with Children: A Comparison of Embodied and Disembodied Sketching Techniques for the Design of Child Age Communication Devices” (2010), amongst others.


Benedict Nichols

Independent composer and sound designer for games and films, who has produced stunning audio for games like Color Guardians, Doom Warrior, MinerZ and I Am A Brave Knight, and for films like Faraway.

He is an audio magician who tackles his work with pride and outstanding commitment, be it music or sound effects.